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Customer Reviews

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Roberta is an amazing acupuncturist. She always asks what I need and it always works the way she says it will. She is very professional and friendly.
– Ashton P. 5 Star Review 7/26/2017

Roberta is simply amazing! She is so very kind and intuitive and just being in her presence is healing. She gives a wonderful spa treatment with her acupuncture sessions. Her space is warm and inviting and the energy is really great. She has really helped me with seasonal allergies and with my plantar fasciitis. You haven’t had acupuncture until you have had it with Roberta. She adds so much more into her sessions that you would have to pay more for if you went anywhere else.
– Amanda B. 5 Star Review 2/22/2017

She treated me for about six years for Fibromyalgia. She is very consistent. I don’t remember her canceling a single appointment. She is easy to book. She is easy to talk to. She deeply cares about her clients and their healing. Her style made me feel like I was at a day spa and not a clinic. She is greatly loved.
– Veronica G. 5 Star Review 5/10/2016

Roberta is the best! This was my first time being exposed to acupuncture and let me say it far exceeded my expectations. I went to Roberta because I was having some stomach issues and was under a lot of stress. She helped me so much! I have made appointments with her as part of my weekly routine. Every time I go its like a spa treatment. Its my hour to destress and relax. Roberta is so knowledgeable about all kinds of ailments and different treatments. I love seeing her smiling face every week! So happy i found her! If you’ve never tried acupuncture, try it the right way with Roberta!
– Chelsey D. 5 Star Review 10/24/2016

First off I want everyone to know that Roberta is simply the best acupuncturist ever! I believe I went to her for about two years in San Diego. Every single visit was extraordinary and I left there feeling a deep sense of gratitude and relaxation. From the moment I walked in the door I felt relief. Her beautiful smile and sense of peace radiates through her presence and being. I never felt so pampered and loved as I did with Roberta. I haven’t been able to find anyone like her since.
– Dawn H. 5 Star Review 5/8/2017

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